GOTV Advocacy in a Box

RESOURCES FOR November 3, 2020

AAUW’s 2020 Gender Policy Agenda outlines our priority issues at the federal and state level that impact Economic Security, Education, and Foundational Rights.  This handout includes specific Pennslyvania legislation.

On November 3, 2020, all Pennsylvania Representatives and half of Pennsylvania Senate seats are up for election. Use this template to compare candidate positions on key AAUW Gender Equity issues to create a voter guide for members and local advocacy.

GOTV — Get Out The Vote

AAUW Public Policy Priority

To guarantee equality, individual rights, and social justice for a diverse society AAUW advocates

  • Vigorous enforcement of and full access to civil and constitutional rights, including affirmative action and expanding voting rights

The AAUW Action Fund advances equity for women and girls through member activism and voter mobilization.

The AAUW Action Fund It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign harnesses the power of AAUW members to register and turn out millennial women voters nationwide at a time when, research shows, young women are less likely to vote.  Through the It’s My Vote campaign, AAUW and the AAUW Action Fund work with state leaders, branches, and coalition partners to host voter registration drives in communities and on college campuses across the county. AAUW members work to cultivate informed voters by sponsoring nonpartisan issue forums, debates, and meet-the-candidate events in their communities. AAUW members also work to ensure that voters know the registration rules in their state, their voting rights, and what to bring to the polls on Election Day.‎

GOTV is an AAUW Pennsylvania Public Policy Priority

To enable members and all citizens to participate fully in a representative democracy and self-governance, AAUW-PA advocates:

  • Awareness of issues so that members may be fully informed and empowered voters
  • Opposition to measures likely to suppress voting rights
  • Support for efforts to increase civil discourse and compromise between those with opposing views
  • Opposition to negative campaigning
  • Efforts to Get Out the Vote including voter registration and use of social media to promote voting.

Issue Description

GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV): In 2018 Pennsylvania ranked 38 for percentage of women in state legislatures, with women holding 7 out of 50 senate seats and 37 out of 203 house seats, representing 17.8% of the legislature.  However, when women are elected there is a more  balanced representation. Of the 7 women senators, three (41%) are democrats and four (57%) are republican. Of the 37 women serving in the house, 20 (54%) are democrats and 17 (46%) are republicans.  (Center for American Women and Politics) Pennsylvania was ranked 39 in 2017.

It is critical that more qualified women have a direct role in legislative decision-making; that more women, especially millennial and first-time voters, are registered to vote; and that adequate voter guide information on local candidates is available along with fact checking resources.

Resources and Information