Named Gift Honoree

Named Gift Honoree program

The process for awarding a Named Gift Honoree.

  1. Make your donations, individual and branch, to national throughout the fiscal year (which matches the calendar year). Branch donations can be made in one larger amount or several smaller ones, as you prefer.
  2. For each $500 total donations credited to your branch in a fiscal year, your branch is eligible to select one Named Gift Honoree. For example, if you have made $712 total donations, you can choose one honoree; if you have donated $2000, you can choose four.
  3. At any point in the fiscal year or after receipt of the fourth-quarter giving record that comes out in late January or February of the following year, you can choose your honoree(s).
  4. This is no longer a national-level recognition program.  Therefore, you do not need to send national names of those being honored by your branch donations. You can, of course, still do that; national will keep those records, but they will not send any recognition other than a regular thank you and acknowledgment of receipt of the donation.

If you want your Named Gift Honorees to be recognized by AAUW Pennsylvania, follow steps 1-3 above and complete these following two steps:

  1. Send honoree names to the AAUW Funds Chair at by February 15 of the year following the fiscal year of donation. The chair will keep track of the honorees and will ensure that certificates of recognition are made for each honoree.
  2. In years with a convention, the certificates will be awarded at the convention, and any remaining certificates will be mailed to the branch president or branch Funds chair, if there is one. In years without a convention, certificates will be mailed.

Please contact if you have any questions.