AAUW-PA 2020-2022 Officer Election

The AAUW Pennsylvania 2020-2022 Nomination Committee recommends this slate to fill the following 2020-2022 terms on the AAUW Pennsylvania Board.
President:   Ann Pehle
Program Vice President:  Lee Wolfe

President is responsible for directing, coordinating, and overseeing the work of the State.  The full position description is on page 12 of the AAUW-PA Board Handbook.

Program Vice President is responsible for planning the State Convention (even years) and Summer Retreat (odd years); coordinating, implementing and reporting mission-based, programming activities.  The full position description is on page 13 of the AAUW-PA Board Handbook.

Read the full candidate bios here.  Find voting instructions here.

AAUW-PA Nominations Committee:
Lynn Carroll (Lansdale) Eastern District
Cathy Wieland (Lebanon Valley) Central District
Susan Wheatley (Indiana County) Western District
Linda Tozier (North Hills Pittsburgh) Nominations Committee Chair

Questions? Contact Linda via email (aauwpanominations@gmail.com) or phone 412-369-5770.