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2020 AAUW Pennsylvania Webinar Series

Series of webinars presenting the content planned for the April 2020 in-person state convention.

Strengthening Public Education in the Times of COVID-19

On October 7th, Susan Spicka received our state Gateway to Equity Award and discussed the unique issues facing public education as a consequence of the COVID pandemic, updated efforts for charter reform, and explained the two research studies completed by Education Voters PA.  Zoom webinar — watch the recording.

Resources and references in the presentation are:
AAUW Pennsylvania’s K-12 public education strategic partners are Education Voters PA and PA Schools Work.  Sign up on their website to receive their advocacy information directly.  Or, like them on Facebook.

Education Voters PA research
Commonsense Cyber Charter School Funding Reform Will Eliminate Wasteful Spending and Save $290 Million in Taxpayer Money

REPORT: Commonsense Cyber Charter School Funding Reform

Fixing the Flaws in Pennsylvania’s Special Education Funding System for Charter Schools: How an Outdated Law Wastes Public Money, Encourages Gaming of the System, and Limits School Choice.

Voting 2020: The Good – The Bad -The Ugly

The District Coordinators organized a state-wide district meeting, featuring Judy Clack, Voter Services Chair of League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh.   On October 5th, the issues and questions about voting in the upcoming November 3rd general election were numerous. Judy provided up to the minute information.  Watch the recording.


Voting in Pennsylvania: 2020 and Beyond

Suzanne Almeida, Interim Executive Director, Common Cause Pennsylvania, shared updates on all the voting topics relevant today — redistricting reform, mail-in voting, and the November 3rd general election.  Zoom webinar — watch the September 2, 2020 recording.

A Conversation with Frances Wolf, First Lady of Pennsylvania

On July 15, 2020, Barbara Price, AAUW Pennsylvania Public Policy Chair will talk with the First Lady about her work with AAUW on the economic issues facing women in Pennsylvania and our collaboration with the Pennsylvania Commission for Women.

Zoom webinar — watch the recording.




Bringing AAUW Work Smart workshops to Pennsylvania


In collaboration with the Pennsylvania Commission for Women, AAUW Pennsylvania is bringing AAUW Work Smart salary negotiation workshops to the working women of Pennsylvania.  Beginning September 24 through January 13th, two workshops will be presented in Harrisburg, York, and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and one in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  We are fortunate to have received positive publicity at several workshops.  This piece explaining the salary pay gap ran on WGAL on November 18.

The workshop is FREE.

For dates, venues, and to register, go to https://salary.aauw.org/.

For more information, see Governor Wolf’s announcement.

Are you seeking a promotion?  Want a pay raise?  Looking for a new job?  Then you will benefit from this FREE workshop.

AAUW Work Smart is a successful salary negotiation workshop for working women in job transition and seeking promotions.  One ingredient of the gender pay gap is women often don’t negotiate their salaries.  We advocate on behalf of others with gusto, yet find it difficult to do the same for ourselves.  This workshop teaches the skills to identify an individual’s unique skills, knowledge and experience; how to communicate these in an interview; how to value these in the salary discussion; and how to negotiate for a salary based on these unique attributes.

Unable to attend in person, this life-changing workshop is FREE and now ONLINEAAUW Work Smart Online can be accessed through any computer or mobile device and takes about 90 minutes to complete, giving participants the tools and skills they need to successfully negotiate their salaries.

Changing the Climate for Women and Girls in Pennsylvania

And, here is how AAUW-PA …..

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