Support AAUW: Funds Descriptions

Support your favorite AAUW programs with tax-deductible gifts to AAUW Funds.

How to Make a Donation: Individuals

If paying by check and you prefer to send your donation directly to AAUW National, mail your check to:

P.O. Box 98045
Washington, DC 20090-8045

If paying by check, contact one of these people: Your Branch AAUW Funds Chair, your Branch president, or the State AAUW Funds Chair ( Please make all checks payable to AAUW Funds. Note the specific fund name or number in the memo section of your check.


How to Make a Donation: Branches

OPTION 1: Log into the Member Services Database (MSD) on the AAUW National website ( At the bottom of the page, click on STATE CONTRIBUTION REPORT Form (CRF). Fill it out and click on ADD GIFT at the end of the page. From the next page, click on SUBMIT CRF. Then print and mail the CRF along with the payment to AAUW, P.O. Box 98045, Washington, DC 20090-8045

OPTION 2: Download, complete, print, and mail the Contribution Report Form (CRF), which can be downloaded here. Then send that form along with your payment to AAUW, P.O. Box 98045, Washington, DC 20090-8045. Make sure all enclosed checks are made out to AAUW Funds and have the intended Fund name and/or number on the memo line.