Public Policy

The Public Policy function for AAUW Pennsylvania is managed by Public Policy Chairs Barbara Price ( and Jacqui Rogers (  The role of AAUW-PA Public Policy Chairs is to:  Represent AAUW Pennsylvania in coalitions; Manage state-wide public policy initiatives; Assist Branch Public Policy Chairs (BPPC).  Both Public Policy Chairs serve on the AAUW Pennsylvania Board.

The Public Policy function is one of the most demanding in terms of time commitment, unpredictability and immediacy, and depth of subject matter understanding.  The Public Policy Chairs split responsibilities.  Jacqui Rogers is responsible for Administrative and Barbara Price is responsible for Issues.  Supporting Issues are Issue Specialists.  For a complete description of all roles, go to Public Policy Reorganization July 2019.

Website Public Policy section is designed to provide the resources and tools needed to implement public policy events and activities across Pennsylvania.  Look at all  the pages under Public Policy menu.