Branches Working with Colleges and Universities

Working with College/University (C/U) Partners
and Students or Student Organizations



  • Contact the C/U representative at the C/U partner near you. Don’t know who that is? Contact the AAUW-PA C/U liaison, who can tell you.
  • Have an institution that is not yet a C/U partner? Contact the Provost, Academic Dean, chair of Women’s Studies, or other campus contact. Share AAUW information with them:
  • Offer your branch resources and investigate shared concerns and opportunities.
  • Encourage students to join your branch and the state as well as affiliating with national.


There are myriad options. Think creatively and talk with the students or the C/U representatives about their concerns and interests and what is feasible on their campus.

Here are some ideas that have been successful in PA to get you started:

    • Film screening and post-film discussion (Miss Representation, Iron-Jawed Angels, and The Line are all films that work). Offer free popcorn. 🙂
    • Voter registration drives in fall and/or spring
    • Tabling on campus in October and/or April handing out forms to request an absentee ballot from the states most represented among that campus’s student population
    • Pay equity activities: host an Equal Pay Day bake sale, collect signatures to support pay-equity legislation, sponsor speakers on negotiation skills, etc.
    • A casual potluck brunch or pizza party for students and branch members to talk about work-life balance
    • A speaker or panel on an AAUW issue hosted by your branch.
    • Student mentoring
    • Shared project like Sister-to-Sister Summits or Take Back the Night
    • Conversations about Gender
    • Book discussions

Want to know more about these? Contact the AAUW-PA C/U liaison, who can tell you. For additional ideas, go to Student Organizations.

Raise money for a grant to support students to attend NCCWSL next year:

  • Make sure students at your local institutions of higher education know about NCCWSL and the grants that are available
  • Cover travel costs for a national or PA grant recipient
  • Provide a full or partial grant to a local student
  • Donate to the national scholarships

Note: C/U partners (those colleges and universities that are members of AAUW) receive 15% off the registration fees if a group of 4 or more students register as a group. Find out whether your college or university is a member.

Individual Contributions to National Scholarships:
To support the general operating funds for the conference or make a donation to the scholarship fund, contribute online at Donate to AAUW Today.

  • To make a donation to the general operating funds for the conference, select Leadership Programs Fund.
  • To designate funds for the NCCWSL Scholarship Fund, next to “Other special funds and giving circles” go to the dropdown menu, called “Select a Special Fund,” and choose “NCCWSL Scholarship Support.”

Such efforts could be the start of many successful partnerships, leading perhaps to a new C/U partnership, a new Student Organization at your local C/U, or a branch Emerging Leader Intern.
Contact the AAUW-PA College/University Liaison for further information.

Each year, several students from Pennsylvania universities and colleges or residing in Pennsylvania attend NCCWSL, enjoy learning skills that will last them a lifetime, and agree to share their experiences.

Invite them to: