State Programs

AAUW-PA is offering branches the opportunity to collaborate with state board members to plan and implement one or two programs we think will be of broad appeal in their communities with the hope that as community members learn about AAUW, they will consider joining a local branch.

The two programs are “Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans”, the new AAUW research report and “Draw the Lines PA”.

Draw the Lines PA

Draw the Lines PA is a collaboration that AAUW-PA has entered into with the Committee of Seventy organization, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, to educate community members about the pitfalls of gerrymandering in our elections along with a contest to have different groups of people (high school, college, and/or community residents) use free software to draw their own voting district lines. Draw the Lines PA is developing a tool kit to aid in implementing this contest.

DISCONTINUED  Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans

Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans addresses the extra burden women face over men in paying back student debt due to factors such as the gender wage gap, being single mothers, etc. Programs could involve panels of stakeholders on the topic such as college students, parents, college financial aid officers, banks, and the general public or other appropriate format.

How does a branch request the opportunity to offer one or both of these programs?

A branch or group of nearby branches can request to offer one or both programs by contacting  After submitting your request a board member will contact you to further discuss the request.

When can my branch or group of branches offer these programs?

The Draw the Lines PA contest is expected to have three offerings, in Fall 2017 for US Congressional Districts, Winter-Spring 2018 for Pennsylvania State Senator Districts, and Fall 2018 for Pennsylvania Representative Districts. A branch or group of branches can offer a program within those timeframes.

Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans can be offered any time between September 2017 and the summer of 2018 depending on when planning begins.

Programs most likely will be offered on weekends or evenings to maximize participation unless there are special circumstances, such as high school students participating in the Draw the Lines PA, this might be an after-school time frame. The state is foregoing District meetings in the Fall of 2017 to free up time and volunteer effort for these state programs.

Who will do the planning and implementation of these programs?

It will be a joint effort so the planning committee will include state board members and local branch members. The state board members will inform the committee about the specifics of the program. All committee members (state board and branch members) will brainstorm about venues, presenters, promotion of the event, etc. Committee members will decide who will follow up with each element of the program, state board members will be available to do follow-up work. The state will fund any expenses the committee finds reasonable to implement the program. Branches are asked to provide any appropriate in-kind donations and volunteer support for the program. Committees will plan using email or conference call primarily, in-person meetings will not be required.

Will this cost my branch (our branches) any money?

No, the intent is for the cost of the event to be funded by AAUW-PA funds. Branches may be asked to offer some appropriate in-kind donations.

Who will staff the program the day of the event?

This decision will be made by the planning committee. If possible, state board members on the committee will attend the event, but branches will definitely need to solicit volunteers for the day of the event.