Lobby Corps

Pennsylvania Lobby Corps

  • The goal is to increase and strengthen AAUW’s voice in Pennsylvania
  • Be a consistent presence—more than an email or phone call stating a position on legislation
  • Building relationships and having meaningful dialogue are keys to influencing
    • Presentation of the issue; not just a position on current legislation
    • Ability to answer questions in real time
    • Gain an understanding their point of view
    • Uncover areas of mutual interest
  • Develop relationships with local office staff
    • Make it easier for them to present issues to their Representative or Senator
  • Your strength of position emanates from being a constituent and a member of a larger organization with grassroots advocacy expertise

Lobby Corps Member Responsibilities

  • Sign up to become a Two-minute-activist; AAUW’s action alert network
  • Respond to action alerts that come from AAUW and AAUW-PA
  • Add phone numbers to your cell phone for quick calling
    • state Representative and state Senator
    • Senators Casey and Toomey
    • U.S. Congressional Representative
  • Know the committee assignments
  • Participate on Lobby Corps conference calls
  • Complete Summary of Visit form after each visit
  • Schedule meetings with your state Senator and state Representative, when they are in the district.
  • Initial visit
    • Schedule meeting to introduce self and AAUW Pennsylvania
    • Meet aides (they will be your new best friends)
    • Share AAUW Public Policy Program and AAUW Pennsylvania public policy postcard
    • Offer to be a resource for these issues
  • Subsequent visits
    • We will send topics and materials
    • Your own issues
  • Ongoing
    • Email national or local stories from magazines, newspapers or AAUW that bear on a current issue
    • Send a thank you note or call their office to offer thanks when they vote for our issues

Ready to sign up?  Send to Barbara Price (aauwpapp1@gmail.com):
Phone number
Email address
State House district and/or Representative name
State Senate district and/or Senator name
U.S. Congressional District and/or Congressman name