Education Coalitions

AAUW-PA’s Education Committee works in coalition with other stakeholders in the state with the common goals of ensuring adequate and equitable education in all Pennsylvania public schools including funding to support the needs of all students; promote student success that takes into account the diverse needs of students and districts as well as the multiple and complex aspects of P-12 educational strategies; and expand the pool of citizens motivated and prepare for increased civic engagement including service on elected school boards.

Some of these coalition stakeholders are:

Education Voters Pennsylvania

Education Voters Pennsylvania is dedicated to supporting policies that strengthen and support great public schools in every community to ensure opportunities for all children, informing the public about the needs and importance of public education, and ensuring our elected leaders adopt and implement a pro-public education agenda.

Education Voters Pennsylvania will work to ensure our public leaders adopt and implement a pro public education agenda. To that end we are:

  • Advocating for sound education policy and the enactment of laws to support it.
  • Building demand for great schools by informing the public, leadership, and business community about the indisputable economic and social benefits of quality public schools and what is being done—or not done—about these critical issues in Harrisburg and in our communities.
  • Creating new voter engagement strategies to help provide information about how we can demand — and get — real action from our leaders.

PA Schools Work

Each child in Pennsylvania has a right to an excellent public education. Every child, regardless of zip code, deserves access to a full curriculum, art and music classes, technical opportunities and a safe, clean, stable environment. All children must be provided a level chance to succeed.

PA Schools Work is fighting for equitable, adequate funding necessary to support educational excellence. Investing in public education excellence is the path to thriving communities, a stable economy and successful students.

The Education and Policy Leadership Center (EPLC)

The mission of The Education Policy and Leadership Center is to encourage and support the development and implementation of effective state-level education policies to improve student learning in grades P-12, increase the effective operation of schools, and enhance educational opportunities for citizens of all ages.

The EPLC is committed to:

  • Be a Catalyst
    The Center initiates and supports public and policymaker discussions concerning significant education policy issues.
  • Inform
    For policymakers and the public, the Center is a source of objective, comprehensive and reliable information concerning current and emerging education policy issues. The Center is both proactive with materials and programs that provide information from a wide-range of resources as well as reactive to specific requests from education policymakers and lay leaders for information and various forms of technical assistance.
  • Promote Leadership
    The Center sponsors and supports programs and activities designed to build awareness and capacity among policymakers and community leaders to champion significant issues concerning education and young children.