Member and Board Adopted AAUW­PA Positions 2012-2014

Human Trafficking (2012) AAUW­PA supports legislative actions to rescue victims of human trafficking in Pennsylvania, and actions to prosecute human traffickers.

Marcellus Shale (2012, rev. 2013)
AAUW­PA opposes the development of shale resources in PA, unless the environment, public health and safety, and the welfare of the communities involved are protected. Any such permitted development should prioritize the value of water resources above gas resources. Permits should require essential impact studies by an objective panel. We support strengthened regulations, safe disposal of wastewater and funding for the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection to monitor and enforce standards. The oil and gas industry should be held to the same clean air and water standards and disclosures as other industries.

Recent legislation undermines the power of local municipalities to manage where and when drilling will occur and necessitates closer evaluation and study by citizens and government. All liabilities for any environmental damage during or after shale development should be the responsibility of the gas companies, their subcontractors, and developers in perpetuity, in order to protect Pennsylvanians, their health and environment, and prevent unnecessary expense to the state. AAUW­PA supports a moratorium on leasing and drilling for natural gas in PA’s state forests and parks…that will guarantee protection of these state lands.

Gun Safety (resolution passed April 13, 2013)
AAUW­PA charges PA elected and appointed officials, local, state, and federal, to work together for the benefit of the community in the common goal of promoting safety and reducing gun violence and gun deaths. We propose that laws, regulations, and related enforcement be prudently strengthened to promote (the) safety of all individuals. We advocate nationwide studies on the root causes and consequences of gun violence so that the nation can change the prevalence and culture of such harmful behaviors.

The Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act (PASS Act)
In October 2012, the AAUW-PA Board voted to become a member of the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Partnership and to support passage of HB 156, a bill designed to decrease bullying in public schools.