AAUW-PA Public Policy Impact Grant Overview

Area of focus for AAUW 

AAUW-PA Public Policy Co-Chairs applied to AAUW National for a 2016-2017 $1,000 Impact Grant and was selected as a recipient again this year. AAUW National designated two key areas, Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and Pay Equity, as the focus of this year’s Impact Grant. Our goals for the PA Impact Grant are as follows:

  1. Hold an Economic Self-Sufficiency Advocacy Day during the week of Equal Pay Day 2017. This will include advocacy training in the morning and lobbying in the afternoon. For branches not able to come to the state capital support at-home advocacy during that week by providing Webinar training and materials for members to use in meetings with legislative staff in local offices. Create Public Policy post cards listing the AAUW-PA public policy priorities relevant to economic self-sufficiency that branches can give to legislators and others to increase our visibility.
  1. Move branches along a public policy advocacy continuum. Encourage branches that have never contacted a legislator to do so either around pay equity or another topic of interest in their area. For those branches that are already contacting legislators, encourage branches to ask legislators what their issues are with the current legislation if they are not supporters and provide talking points to counter those issues. Promote idea sharing amongst branches as to what works and celebrate firsts.
  1. Increase the number of branches working on GOTV by encouraging them to work with partners in their area such as the League of Women Voters on voter registration and to use the Voter Toolkit to reach out to at least one non-profit organization serving low income clients to help them register to vote. Offer a webinar on voter registration for first time volunteers as a how to on voter registration in Pennsylvania. Also encourage branches to hold candidate forums or to attend candidate forums using the 2016 AAUW Voter Issue Guide as a resource to ask questions and evaluate candidates.
  1. Support branches like Easton and Bethlehem in their coalition building efforts and others that may want to build on their advocacy or GOTV efforts with local coalitions.
  1. Continue to work in coalition with PA Campaign for Women’s Health to move Equal Pay legislation out of committee and to a full vote.

We will continue to rely on the support and expand the efforts of our three working groups, Economic Security, GOTV and Education in order to address the issues specific to Pennsylvania.

We are offering a new approach this year to working with branch public policy chairs. While continuing the public policy newsletter Highlights, we will send it every other month, alternating with conference calls with branch public policy chairs. In this way we can share with each other and gain new ideas.

Small grants for Branches starting or continuing public policy advocacy at the local level will also be available. The purpose is to advance AAUW’s mission — To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy—in Branch’s activities. See the application for information and suggestions. Download the AAUW-PA Mini Grant Application here.  AAUW PA Mini Grant APP

Pennsylvania 2016–2017 Public-Policy-Impact-Grant Application FINAL