Connecting with AAUW

Any or all of the following:

  • Concerned about equity for women and girls in any or all facets of life
  • Interested in leadership programs
  • Looking for grants, scholarships, or internships
  • Interested in learning how to negotiate an equitable salary
  • Looking for a mentor in your field
  • Interested in mentoring others
  • Looking for campus or community projects
  • Interested in running for campus office
  • Looking for friends across the age spectrum
  • Interested in local and national issues
  • Looking for opportunities to engage in grassroots activism

Info for college students:

  • AAUW nationally offers great opportunities for students: grants, personal and professional development, leadership opportunities, networking, community, and more. Join us!
  • Affiliation in PA is free at the national and state levels. Branches may or may not have dues for students; find a branch near you and ask.

AAUW student affiliations:

  • Student affiliations offer important benefits.
  • There are two types of student affiliations. The correct term for both categories is “affiliate” rather than “member.”
    1. E-Student Affiliations (E-SAF): Available only to students who are enrolled at a College/University (C/U) Partner Member institution.
    2. Student Affiliations (SAF): Available to students who are enrolled at a qualified College/University that is NOT an AAUW C/U member.
  • National affiliations for undergraduates are free if your college or university is an AAUW member, and only $18.81 for undergraduates whose institutions are not C/U members. Find out whether your college or university is a member.
  • Graduate students can also join the national AAUW at the introductory rate of $18.81 for the first year and $49 per year after that. Consider joining the state and local branch as well to be connected to a local community. Find a branch near you.

Want to affiliate? Do it here:

  • Yes, my college/university is a partner member of AAUW. I want to join AAUW for free as an e-Student Affiliate.
  • My college/university is NOT a partner member of AAUW. I want to join AAUW as a Student Affiliate for $18.81.
  • Join AAUW-PA, too, and pay NO PA State dues while you are a student!! Contact the AAUW-PA Membership Vice President.
  • Join your local community’s branch. Contact the branch Membership Vice President for information about branch dues (many branches do not charge students dues) and to affiliate. Find a branch near you.

As stated in the AAUW Charter and Bylaws, Article IV, Section 4:
“An undergraduate student enrolled in a qualified educational institution shall be eligible for student affiliation. Student affiliates shall be entitled to attend branch, state, and AAUW meetings and receive the publications distributed to all members of AAUW. Affiliates may not vote or hold office. Fees for student affiliates shall be established by the AAUW Board of Directors.”

Student Dues
National Dues PA State
E-SAF: Undergrad at a C/U-partner school FREE FREE Branch choice FREE plus branch dues
SAF: Undergrad at a NON-C/U-partner school $18.81 FREE Branch choice $18.81 plus branch dues
Graduate student at ANY institution becomes a regular member $18.81 FREE Branch choice $18.81 plus branch dues