Common Core Letter to the Editor


Dear Sir:

In 2010 the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (CCSS) developed a set of Common Core standards for K-12 in English and mathematics. The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter a college program or the workforce. Participation in Common Core is voluntary. In 2010 Pennsylvania joined 39 other states in committing to Common Core. Governor Corbett and the Pennsylvania State Assembly, through House Resolution 338 are working to eliminate Common Core in Pennsylvania.

On September 8, 2014 Governor Corbett announced that he has asked for public hearings on Pennsylvania Core Standards. The first of these hearings was held on September 16th and the second on October 14th.

Whatever the status at the present time—whether it be Common Core or Pennsylvania Core—the issue of educational standards and expectations, subject matter content, and assessments is a critical one for our community. A couple of hearings just will not give us the chance to learn all that we must. As educator (fill in…) and member of AAUW, I believe we must look close to home to ask and learn: What is happening with Common Core Standards(CCS) and/or Pennsylvania State Specific Standards(PSSS) in our local school district?

How do we do this? A few suggestions:

  • Parents can ask their children’s teachers at a parent-teacher conference about CORE Standards (CCS/PSSS) and Implementation.
  • PTO leaders could sponsor CCS/PSSS issues forums for parents and interested community members.
  • Our Superintendent of Schools might write an Opinion Editorial explaining CCS/PSSS as they apply in the district and follow this up with status report pieces on implementation.
  • The school board might hold a special, open mike meeting on CCS/PSSS.
  • Our local papers could invite submissions from all quarters on Core Standards and Implementation for an edition of the paper featuring an editorial section devoted exclusively to the topic.

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