Common Core Facebook Posts

What do you know about Common Core Standards? How will our children be affected? The challenge: educate yourself about Common Core and then educate others.

Common Core –Working or not? Learn how the Common Core Standards are being implemented in your local school district so you can educate others.

How much do we care about our children? Enough to educate them well? Learn about the Common Core Standards and consider what is best for our public education system. Lobby for more state funding for our schools so all children have the chance to learn.

This is the year for Common Core Standards implementation in Pennsylvania. The challenge: Share what you know about the implementation in your school.

For school funding, the dollars must follow where student need is greatest. Share if you agree.

The key to successful Common Core Standards implementation is teacher training and adequate funding. Share if you agree.

Support adequate funding to assure necessary teacher training and successful implementation of Common Core Standards. Let your legislators know!

Successful implementation of Common Core Standards demands teacher training and adequate funding. Share if you agree.

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