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AAUW-PA 88th Annual Meeting
April 21-23, 2017
Heritage Hills Golf Resort
2700 Mt Rose Ave, York, PA 17402

Heritage: Diversity is Our Strength

Join us for our 2017 AAUW-PA State Convention and 88th Annual Meeting this April in York. Our theme, Heritage: Diversity is Our Strength, promises to be both informative and inspiring. Our host Branches including York, Carlisle, Harrisburg and Gettysburg are looking forward to welcoming you.

The Convention will offer a variety of activities and opportunities that include: Plenary sessions, the annual business meeting, workshops, counterpart session, interaction with our college student affiliates, District meetings, a Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) speaker, an update from AAUW National, Branch Networking, and Awards.

Our plenary sessions include, “Implicit Bias, Prejudice, Stereotypes”, “Women in STEM: A Look Through the Gender Studies Lens”, and a presentation from our state Student Advisory Council.


AAUW members can register for the full convention, Friday to Sunday with all meals and programming, or Saturday only with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all programming. You can register online or by downloading a registration form and returning it in the mail.

If you are an AAUW student affiliate member, e-student affiliate member, or member of a student organization, we are offering a student discount for the first 25 who register. For students you must register online.

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AAUW-PA 88th Annual Meeting
Heritage Hills Golf Resort, York
April 21-23, 2017
Heritage:  Diversity Is Our Strength

Friday, April 21
2:00-5:00pm Conference Registration
4:00pm Hotel Check-In
6:00-7:00pm Dinner “Get Acquainted” Table Game
7:00-8:00pm Plenary “Implicit Bias, Prejudice and Stereotypes” –
with Sue Boland, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Lock Haven University
Saturday, April 22
7:45-8:45am Breakfast Buffet
Pennsylvania Commission for Women, Randi Blackman Teplitz,
Pennsylvania Commission for Women Chair and Professor Central Penn College & Widener University
8:00-10:00am Conference Registration
9:00-9:45am Plenary “Women in STEM: A Look Through the Gender Studies Lens”
with Mary A. Armstrong, Ph.D., Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies and English, Lafayette College
10:00-11:30am Business Meeting
11:30am-12:15pm “Table Talk” – meet with counterparts
12:30-1:30pm Luncheon
Gateway to Equity Awardee: Marianne Bellestorte, Pathways PA
1:45-2:45pm Current Sessions:
“Who’s Not At the Table? Recruitment Ideas for a More Diverse Branch”,
with Randi Blauth, National AAUW Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
“It’s All About the Bill”,
with Barbara Price & Ann Pehle, AAUW-PA Public Policy Co-Chairs and Elizabeth Holden, AAUW National Grassroots Advocacy Manager, Beryl Kuhr, Chief Counsel House Democratic Appropriations Committee and Harrisburg Branch member
3:00-3:45pm Student Advisory Council (SAC) College Student Presentation
Moderator:  Holle Canatella, Ph.D., AAUW-PA C/U Liaison
3:55-4:15pm District Meetings
3:55-5:10pm Student Only Session – “Financial Literacy”
with Holly Mayer, Certified Financial Planner
5:00-5:30pm Cocktails (cash bar)
5:45-6:15pm Awards
6:30-8:00pm Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Dinner and LAF Speaker
“Athletic Opportunity: What Are the Stats 45 Years After Title IX?”
with Kristen Galles, Civil Rights Attorney
8:00pm Dessert/Network
Sunday, April 23
8:30-9:00pm Breakfast
9:00-10:00am Plenary “Approaches to Addressing Diversity”
with Jennifer Parker, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, Penn State University, Lehigh Valley
10:00-11:00am AAUW National Update & Installation of Officers
with Elizabeth Holden, AAUW National
11:00am Adjourned and Room Check-out

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Annual Meeting Speakers

Plenary Speaker – Dr. Susan Boland
Susan Boland is Professor of Psychology at Lock Haven University. She will be speaking on “Implicit Bias: Prejudice and Stereotypes”.


Plenary Speaker – Mary A. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Dr. Mary A. Armstrong is a Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and English as well as the Women’s & Gender Studies Program Chair at Lafayette College. Her areas of interest include Feminist and Queer theory, sexuality studies, links between Women’s Gender Studies and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), gender and environmental justice, and Victorian literature/culture. She will present her research on Women in STEM: A Look through the Gender Studies Lens. Mary is a member of our Easton Branch and comes to us highly recommended by our members who have been in her audience.

Plenary Speaker – Jennifer Parker, Ph.D.
Dr. Jennifer Parker, Associate Professor of Sociology at Penn State University, Lehigh Valley, was recently awarded the prestigious John Romano Faculty/Staff Diversity Recognition Award at University Park for consistently promoting multiculturalism and demonstrating concern and sensitivity to the needs of these students. Her presentation topic is “Approaches to Addressing Diversity”.

Speaker – Randi Blackman Teplitz
Randi Blackman Teplitz serves as Chair of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women.  She was appointed by Governor Wolf in October, 2015 along with 25 other women who advise the Governor on policies and legislation that impact women and girls. She is a Professor in the Legal Studies Division at Central Penn College and adjunct at Widener University. Randi will join us for breakfast on Saturday morning and share her insight on the role and impact of the Commission.

Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Speaker – Kristen Galles
Kristen Galles, a Civil Rights attorney who represents students, athletes, coaches and teachers in discrimination and retaliation cases nationwide, serves on the attorney advisory committee of the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund. She is a Title IX expert who has successfully litigated on behalf of AAUW.

State Gateway to Equity Recipient – Marianne Bellesorte, PathWays, PA
Our Saturday luncheon speaker, Marianne Bellesorte, will receive the 2017 AAUW-PA Gateway to Equity Award on behalf of  Pathways PA. This award recognizes a person(s) or organization that advocates on behalf of women and girls. Marianne, Vice President of Advocacy, will share the many ways that Pathways PA has positively impact the lives of others as they help teens, women, and families achieve economic independence and family well-being.

National AAUW Update – Elizabeth Holden, AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Manager
Elizabeth Holden, AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Manager, will provide an update from AAUW National. She serves as the grassroots advocacy manager at AAUW, where she works with members across the country to advance AAUW’s public policy priorities at all levels of advocacy.

Workshop Sessions

Who’s Not at the Table? Recruitment Ideas for a More Diverse Branch with Randi Blauth, AAUW National Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Did you know that AAUW National has a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force? Randi is a member, and will share information from the Task Force that will help Branches as they seek a more diverse membership. Is your Branch vibrant with a healthy age diversity? Learn how to sustain Branch interest that will appeal to a 50-year age span.

It’s All about the Bill

Barbara Price and Ann Pehle, AAUW-PA Public Policy Co-Chairs; Elizabeth Holden, AAUW National Grassroots Advocacy Manager, Beryl Kuhr, Chief Counsel to House Democratice Appropriations Committee and member Harrisburg Branch

Many of AAUW’s public policy priorities require legislation to achieve success.  Understanding how laws are created and your role in influencing legislation is the topic of this concurrent session.  We will:  explore the Pennsylvania legislative process—how bills become laws; provide clarity on the constitutional amendment process; discuss current Pennsylvania legislation supporting or opposing our public policy priorities; show how to track legislation as it moves through the process; and finally, tips and techniques of grassroots advocacy—from an expert, Elizabeth Holden, AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Manager. We are pleased Elizabeth is attending our convention and will participate in this session.

State Student Advisory Council Presentation:
Bridging the Gap: Inclusion, Diversity, and Intersectional Feminism on Campus

The members of the 2016-17 AAUW-PA Student Advisory Council, Suzanna Carnevali-Doan, University of Pittsburgh; Danita Scott, University of Pittsburgh; Allison Dushack, Robert Morris University; and Virginia Njenga, Indiana University of Pennsylvania will present this session. Moderator: Holle Canatella, AAUW-PA C/U Liaison and Lock Haven University.

Student Only Session – Financial Literacy

This “student only” session is for all student attendees. The topic of Financial Literacy will be presented by Holly Mayer, Certified Financial Planner.