FYI Fall 2010

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President’s Message
Every Member Voice
Wanted: AAUW Success Stories calendar
Introducing: Phebe Trimble
Delay Apologies
Member Recruitment Ideas
Paycheck Fairness Act
Support Your Passion
AAUW Recognition Available

82nd AAUW-PA Member Meeting
April 30, 2011
9:30 a.m. 4 p.m.
Days Inn
240 South Pugh Street, State College, PA 16801

Come and enjoy a round robin format of sessions with a pot pourri of topics from self pampering to AAUW financial understanding.

AAUW Convention
June 16-19, 2011

Renaissance Hotel
Washington, DC

Vote November 2

Please encourage young adults to vote too. Absentee ballot information is available through

William Simon summed it up: “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”

Nominations Needed

AAUW-PA is still seeking a nomination for Board Secretary for the 2011-13 term.

For questions or more information, contact Toni Ann Simmers at (717) 737-9981 or

Congratulations to the North Hills McKnight branch
on its 40th anniversary. May you have MANY happy years and friendships ahead.
Congratulations to State College branch on the 50th anniversary of your book sale.

What a GOLDEN anniversary of accomplishments.

President’s Message: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Motivation to learn something new, or change something you’ve done for years, is personal. My mother joined Facebook within two days of hearing that her grandson had posted pictures that she wanted to see. I acquired a Skype account when my son announced that he planned to video home rather than just call home from college. Motivation is a great trigger to improve our skills… and not be like the frog who doesn’t recognize the danger and fails to jump to safety when the temperature in the pot rises gradually.One of the strategic priorities of AAUW PA is to “Embrace the Future”. This recognizes that the temperature has started to rise in our pots…Group emails have replaced the “phone trees” of old. (Coaches are sending group text messages to cell phones). The white pages have been discontinued (and have had more errors in them of late anyway), as phone directories and dictionaries and encyclopedias are replaced online. Paper airline tickets may be available, but probably not at the “web only” prices. Much of this future is Better, Faster, and/or Cheaper.While the motivation and will to use technology to enrich your life is yours, AAUW PA is hoping to facilitate the way by providing helpful hints on emails, web searches, printing documents and pictures, or other aspects that are confusing or just aren’t working well for members. Together, we can enrich our lives and embrace the future.

Every Member Voice

If any member wants to make a bylaws proposal (eg. Membership criteria), or a resolution to be considered by national membership and, if approved, be binding on all members, online submissions will be accepted until November 1 at any member wants to suggest a change or comment on the public policy platform for 2011-13, online submissions are accepted until November 15.

FYI, as I write this, there are nine proposals in bylaws and five in public policy on the website. To find them, log into the member section, go to One Member One Vote, scroll down the list of bylaws sections or public policy sections, find one/more with a number after submitted, and click the green GO button to see what’s been proposed. This permits some interactive discussion and counterproposals on these sections.Final votes on proposals will be made after publication to the members, and can be made online, by mail, or at the convention.

Wanted: AAUW Success Stories and Human Interest Stories

One of the state priorities is to Focus on Success, because success breeds success, not just for the originator, but those who may want to duplicate the success! By now, all branches should have been contacted by an AAUW PA Board member who, in an informal conversation, requested examples of branch successes that we can compile for sharing around the state. These can be anything from service projects to programs; fundraisers to scholarships; outreach programs to the community or schools; an alternative structure for your branch; or new interest groups, etc. Please expect your Board member to follow-up for more examples in January.

At the same time, Keystoner editor Claudia Mosso has requested individual success stories (“notable branch achievers”) to publish in the Keystoner and to inspire us all with what is possible. Contact calendar now available for major branch events

Just send info to: President Margaret McGrath ( and Administrative Director, Nancy Weinreb (, and we’ll be happy to add it to the state calendar to share with members across the state.

Introducing: Phebe Trimble, AAUW PA’s coordinator for the student affiliate database

There’s a new position on the state board this year: Student Affiliate Database Coordinator. Phebe Trimble is energetically working to straighten out any and all data interface or communication problems to ensure that all student members are properly included in the AAUW national database, and thus able to receive their AAUW materials and benefits.Please help by sending her the names and contact information for branch member(s) who foster relationships with the colleges and universities in your community. She’d also appreciate the name of the AAUW Campus Representative at the partner college/university, to ensure the records are current. Her email is

Apologies for Keystoner Delay

We regret that there were delays in both the mailed Keystoner and the online Keystoner compared with AAUW PA’s typical practice. We’ve been working on transitions, and expect this will be resolved by the next issue.

Member Recruitment Ideas

Jean Macaluso, AAUW PA Membership VP, encourages branches to direct your thinking to a viable solution: Let”s seek new retirees, empty-nesters, and new comers. Retirees, especially educators, are often relatively young, in good health, and eager to find new and different interests. Empty nesters have more time and fewer commitments than before. You can tap into these elements by contacting school personnel and parents of recent high school graduates. One contact leads to another, and another, etc. “Networking” is the word.

As you make your contacts you will no doubt hear, “We plan to travel.” 365 days a year? AAUW is not meant to be 24/7. It can be tailor-made to each member’s schedule — however she chooses. With an understanding of our mission to make life better for women by advancing equity through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research, a prospective member can recognize how she can contribute. As we convey enthusiastic conviction, let”s send the message that we are the best organization in town. Remember, success breeds success.

Paycheck Fairness Act (S182)

Lisa Maatz, AAUW’s Director of Government Relations and Public Policy, spoke at Chatham University on October 12. She is excited that the Paycheck Fairness Act passed the House, and is scheduled for cloture after elections. She is challenged by the cloture rules (60 votes needed to agree to vote on the act), and is working hard to get the 60th vote. Among the challenges to passage are 4 seats that will be decided in special elections (WVa, NY, Delaware, and Illinois) that will be voters on this act.

Describing this bill as the first update to women’s civil rights since 1963 Lisa said it more consistently aligns women’s rights and damages with racial or ethnic discrimination. Lisa urges all to contact Senators Casey and Specter, thank them for being co-sponsors, and encourage them to move the bill forward without amendments so that it doesn’t die incomplete at this Congress’ end. You can call 877-667-6650 until Nov. 15 to be directly connected to the Senators offices.

Support Your Passion Through a Donation to AAUW Funds

Kathy Thrush Shaginaw, AAUW-PA AAUW Funds Chair

The new AAUW program year is well underway. I would like to remind you that the deadline for 2010 donations (December 31st) will be here before we know it. In order to be eligible for recognition at the AAUW-PA State Meeting in April, your donations must be recorded in Washington by the end of the calendar year. Donations can be made on the AAUW web site or by mailing a check to:
AAUW Development Office
PO Box 98045
Washington, DC 20090

I will be sending the third quarter 2010 donation summaries to the AAUW Funds Chair and/or President of each Branch in November. Please review these summaries so that all donations are included and check to see that the donations are properly credited to individual branch members or the branch.

With the changes in the structure of AAUW Funds, there will be a change in how donations will be highlighted on the state level. The following recognitions will be made at the April meeting:

  1. The top three branches in total giving to AAUW Funds will receive certificates.
  2. The top ten branches in total giving to AAUW Funds will be reported in the Yearbook.
  3. The top three branches in per capita giving to AAUW Funds will receive certificates.
  4. The top ten branches in per capita giving to AAUW Funds will be reported in the Yearbook.
  5. Top branch in total giving for each of the seven AAUW Funds categories will receive certificates.
  6. Named Gift Honorees (for each $500 donation to any of the AAUW Funds) will receive certificates.

Recognition has been expanded on a national level. Branches and states that are most generous to the Legal Advocacy Fund and the Educational Opportunities Fund (formerly part of the AAUW Educational Foundation) will continue to be recognized nationally. In addition, branches and states most generous to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, the Public Policy Fund, and the Leadership Program Funds will be recognized. The 2009 AAUW Annual Report has an example of this new recognition scheme.

When making a donation there are an overwhelming number of options. This wide variety of options allows you and your branch to choose which AAUW initiatives are most important to you and the personality of your branch. Here is a summary of the fund numbers and names by program area:2011- AAUW ACTION FUND. Contributions to AAUW Action Fund advances equity for women and girls through member activism and voter mobilization, and are not tax-deductible.9110- AAUW FUNDS. Contributions to AAUW Funds, a 50l(c)(3) organization, support all programs listed below, and are tax-deductible.

3999 -THE LEGAL ADVOCACY FUND (LAF) supports the protection of the legal rights of those who are facing discrimination. Supports all the following tax-deductible programs:

  1. 9310 – Case Support. Protects LAF plaintiffs by supporting workplace sex discrimination cases.
  2. 3072- Travel and Education Grants. Protects AAUW members through educational programs about legal rights delivered by LAF plaintiffs and lawyers.
  3. 3500- Campus Outreach Projects. Protects college students from discrimination, harassment, and assault through on-campus program grants.

4336- THE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND supports educational and lifelong learning opportunities that give women a chance for a lifetime of success. Supports all the following tax-deductible programs:

  1. 4322- Fellows Alumnae Initiative. Inspires women by providing access to the network of past and current AAUW fellows and grantees.
  2. Fellowships and Grants. To support a specific named fellowship or grant, refer to Names Honored in the member center for the appropriate fund name and number at: http:/ /

If your branch or state wishes to establish a new named fellowship or grant, contact the development office at or 202/728-3307 for more information.

4337- THE PUBLIC POLICY FUND supports advocacy for public policies and laws that are fair to women. Supports all the following tax-deductible programs:

  1. 2256 – Government Relations. Our professional lobbyists advocate on Capitol Hill and in the White House, ensuring that our voices are heard in the halls of Congress and at the tables of power when decisions that affect women and girls are made.
  2. 2517 -Civic Engagement. Helps women act as their own advocates by providing members with the information and tools to build robust woman-to-woman voter registration and turnout drives in their communities.
  3. 2257 – Field Organizing. Engages individuals and branches in public policy advocacy through Impact Grants, Action Network, the Two-Minute Activist program, and Washington Update.

9170- THE ELEANOR ROOSEVELT FUND supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues that are important to women and girls. Past reports include Behind the Pay Gap (2007) and Where the Girls Are (2008). Look for upcoming research on women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and math and a report on sexual harassment in the workplace.

4339- THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS FUND supports programs that develop women”s potential to lead in their schools, communities, and country. Supports all the following tax-deductible programs:

  1. 2505- National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Attendees develop their leadership skills, networks, and ambition at this acclaimed, intensive three-day conference held annually in Washington, D.C.
  2. 2515- Campus Action Projects. AAUW awards grants to campus leaders to deliver programs guided by the findings and recommendations of AAUW research to address a gender-based issue in their community. Replicable or ongoing projects are selected to provide continued leadership training and support for women leaders.
  3. 2522- Elect Her. Teaches leaders the skills they need to run for student government. This program successfully increases the number of women who are involved in making decisions that affect all students on campus. These student leaders are also introduced to a national network of women who are running for and holding public offices.

Remember that AAUW’s new mission statement reads: “Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.” The mission statement has been expanded to specifically include philanthropy. Without your donations the important work of our organization would be severely hampered. Thank you for your generous support.

AAUW Recognition Available

Breaking Through Barriers A national award

Details at:

Deadline: February 15

Branches are encouraged to apply for a national award achievements at the branch level between July 1, 2009, and February 15, 2011 in one of these 6 breaking through barriers categories:

  1. Advocating for women’s career, financial, and life choices
  2. Championing equitable compensation and treatment
  3. Promoting challenging careers as a means to improve quality of life
  4. Supporting accessible, affordable, high-quality education for all women and girls
  5. Fostering networks that help women succeed
  6. Developing and motivating leaders
PA Branch Recognitions Due Feb. 1, 2011

Download forms at:

1000 word maximum on all branch activities for the Feb 1 2010/11 period which impact Membership, Public Policy, and Visibility.Recognition of branches will be featured in the Keystoner, on, and at the April 30 Member Meeting in State College.
Branch Outstanding Woman Award Due Jan. 25, 2011Please send a picture too! Requires a one-sentence summary of why the branch’s honoree was chosen. Branch Outstanding Women will be honored at the April 30 Member meeting in State College. All honorees will be acknowledged.
Branch Emerging Star Award Due Feb. 1, 2011

Download form at:

Mail or e-mail submission

This branch award goes to a first-time Board member with enthusiasm, potential for leadership and AAUW knowledge. Remember, success breeds success.
Gateway to Equity Award To be presented during March (Women’s History month) preferably on March 8, 2011 International Women’s Day. Notify AAUW PA of your choice no later than March 8 to include it in the Member Meeting Yearbook. The branch chooses an individual, group, or organization that made a difference to women and girls’ success and/or equitable treatment.Notify the honoree, the media, and AAUW PA of your selection, and celebrate the honoree.
AAUW Funds Branch donation recognition No additional action needed beyond your donations before year-end. At the April member meeting, AAUW PA will give certificates of appreciation to the top three (3) branches in total giving and per capita giving, as well as the top branch in each of seven (7) fund categories and Named Gift Honorees. The top 10 branches in total giving and per capita giving will be acknowledged in the Yearbook.>> more