FYI December 2011 – Vouchers

Act to support a quality public education and oppose vouchers:

  • email or call your legislator, or his district office, and state your position (answering machines work after hours).  All state legislator contact info can be found at: (Top right corner).  Short and sweet works fine.
  • talk up AAUW-PA position locally… feel free to substitute the name of a branch spokesperson to attach to the quotes and release your own newsrelease to the local medial (The easy way to access media was in the Fall FYI, accessible now at  If you’re interested in a postcard campaign to share with local PTOs or others, we may be able to subsidize it from our public policy impact grant.
  • consider writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper, or an op ed article.  AAUW-PA would like to switch the focus to working toward a quality education for ALL public school students.  However, if you’d like to point out some of the issues with vouchers, that’s OK too.
  • If you’re on Facebook, “like” the AAUW PA graphic of the school house with bandaid.  Even better, share it with your contacts and add a sentence on your own thoughts.